Claiming women’s space in leadership

Businesses and entrepreneurship

Illustration: Alva Skog; Photo: Matthew Mawson / Alamy Stock Photo

Five ways you can shift policy and culture so that more women can claim leadership positions in the world of work:

  • Demand equal pay for work of equal value.
  • Call for parental leave policies that support parents of all genders.
  • Demand zero-tolerance policies for workplace sexual harassment and violence.
  • Share domestic and care-work at home equally.
  • Demand equal representation of women in boardrooms.


Illustration: Alva Skog; Photo: Christian Bertrand / Alamy Stock Photo

Five ways you can help women claim leadership positions in sport:

  • Raise awareness, change perceptions — any sport is a woman’s sport.
  • Demand equal pay and prize money for women’s and men’s events.
  • Watch, read about and support female athletes and teams.
  • Use sport as a platform to speak up for equality and as a tool to empower women and girls.
  • Call out sexism in sports events and celebrate women athletes’ successes.

Science and COVID-19 response

Illustration: Alva Skog; Photo: Franck Chapolard / Alamy Stock Photo

Five ways you can help women claim leadership in science:

  • Raise awareness among children, educators and parents to reject gender bias –any STEM career is a woman’s career.
  • Find and lift up women and girls in STEM fields.
  • Listen to women’s expertise and have confidence in their research.
  • Mentor women and girls in science and technology, encourage them to aim high
  • Advocate for women’s inclusion in COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery at national and local levels.

Climate action

Five ways you support women’s leadership in climate action:

  • Support and elect women leaders who are pushing for environmental policies.
  • Demand government action for a zero-carbon world.
  • Listen to and amplify the voices of women of girls in the climate movement.
  • Demand equal representation of women in climate action task forces, teams, committees etc. at local and national levels
  • Read and share stories of women at the forefront of climate action around the world.

Decision-making, politics and public life

Illustration: Alva Skog; Photo: Ryan Brown / UN Women

Five ways you can help women claim political leadership:

  • Support feminist candidates.
  • Support community outreach and capacity-building training for women facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination to participate in public life and politics.
  • Call for gender quotas to be adopted and enforced, and for bolder targets for equal representation.
  • Demand that violence against women in political and public life, both online and offline, be criminalized and prevented.
  • Incentivize political parties to finance women candidates’ campaigns and promote their leadership.

Movements and civic spaces

Five ways you can help women claim leadership in civic spaces and movements:

  • Use your voice and platforms across social media and in-person engagements to lift up women leaders’ voices.
  • Fund feminist organizations and women’s rights organizations.
  • Listen to and amplify women’s voices and experiences, especially those of minority or marginalized communities.
  • Demand that women human rights defenders, members of women’s organizations and feminist movements are protected from violence.
  • Teach the next generation the importance of gender equality and support young women’s and girls’ activism.

Media and entertainment

Five ways you can help women claim leadership roles in media:

  • Call out stereotypes and underrepresentation of women in media and entertainment when you see it.
  • Consume media created by and about women.
  • Demand equal and diverse representation on-screen and behind the scenes.
  • Read, watch and listen to articles about gender equality and ask for more.
  • Be active on online platforms to amplify women’s voices, and stand up against violence and harassment of women creators.


Illustration: Alva Skog; Photo: Ryan Brown / UN Women

Five ways you can support women’s leadership in agriculture:

  • Advocate for increased data on rural women and women in agriculture.
  • Demand women’s equal control over, and ownership of land, including through inheritance rights, in every country in the world.
  • Buy from women-run local farms or related businesses.
  • Support women’s organizations that train and empower women in agriculture.
  • Amplify rural women’s voices as they call for gender equality.


Five ways you can help women claim leadership in peace processes:

  • Insist that women are given a seat at the peace table as mediators, negotiators, and signatories and witnesses of peace agreements.
  • Demand that gender expertise is available throughout the peace process, and women’s rights and a gender perspective are included in peace agreement provisions.
  • Believe in the power of women’s solidarity and strengthen women’s networks and coalitions.
  • Support and fund women’s organizations that operate on the front lines of local peacebuilding and humanitarian response.
  • Call for services that respond to and prevent gender-based violence in conflict and post-conflict settings, and protect women peacebuilders and women human rights defenders.



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