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  • Shannon B. Tanner

    Shannon B. Tanner

    Para medical esthetician. Human rights advocate with a deep inner call to be involved in ending discrimination everywhere.

  • Richard Heim

    Richard Heim

    Fachverantwortung Planung im HBD der Stadt Zürich (a.D)..Jetzt: Mitglied Gestaltungsbeirat Chur, Beratungen Uni-Spital Zürich,Referent zhaw; Führungen

  • Recesspreneurs


    Empowering disadvantaged youth - teaching life skills through entrepreneurship. Partnered with @CGIU

  • Orangeboom


    Orangeboom is the mighty accelerator for trailblazers and startups. Ready to change the world?

  • We March Today

    We March Today

  • Inglés en el IVIC

    Inglés en el IVIC

    Interested in learning/practicing English through Science? A resource for English students at IVIC who enjoy Science in English.

  • Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones

    Peace Activist | Humanist | Inquisitive focus on youth - peacebuilding - refugees - forced migration

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