Ten things you can learn from women’s resilience that will help you stay strong in the time of COVID-19

1. Keeping hope alive

We succeeded when no one thought we would. We were the conscience of the ones who had lost their consciences.

2. Finding strength in community

the issues we’re facing cannot be solve by magic, but we will do our best. I love my community.

3. Not giving up

“No one can stop us. We will speak for our rights and we will bring change through our voice.”

4. Fighting discrimination

“Believe in yourself and trust yourself.”

5. Sticking together

“Women need support from each other to cope with crisis.”

6. Building back better

“We call on the governments of the world to encourage women everywhere to take a more conscious part in international affairs

7. Finding solutions

Every scientist dreams of doing something that can help the world

8. Using a creative outlet

9. Overcoming the odds

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

10. Sharing strength by speaking out

“ I could not become one more statistic of a woman who gave up because of this.”



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