Why is women’s leadership not in the headlines?

Women leaders of all ages at the Democracy Day celebrations in 2011. The celebration was organized by UN Women and the Institute of Social Studies to recognize the work of elected women representatives around India. The Constitution of India mandates the reservation of 1/3 seats for women in local bodies. Many states now also have 50 percent reservation for women. Photo: UN Women/Ganganjit Singh

1. Demonstrating strong women’s leadership in the pandemic

Her Excellency Vjosa Osmani is a Doctor of Legal Sciences, former professor and mother of two girls. Photo: Office of the Assembly President

2. Fighting food insecurity on the front lines

Women at Peace Village in Jetis, Central Java. Women’s groups’ members have been taking central roles as community volunteers in stepping up to stop the spread of COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Wahid Foundation.

3. Leading virus prevention efforts across Libya

Women peacebuilders are using their mobile phones to support COVID-19 response efforts in Libya. Photos: Courtesy of Libyan Women’s Network for Peacebuilding.

4. Breaking down barriers to health services and information for indigenous communities

Waleska López Canú. Photo Courtesy of Waleska López Canú

5. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in refugee settlements in Uganda

Martha Achok raises awareness on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda. Photo: UN Women /Aidah Nanyonjo



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